Hi! I'm Charity.

I am a wife, mother, writer, team entrepreneur with my hubs and super excited to be on this amazing journey called LIFE!!!


In no particular order, I enjoy traveling, laughing, shopping, flowers, jogging, coffee, eating out, cocktails, going to the movies, jamming to my favorite songs, watching my kids grow, spending time with my husband, and ice cream!

Basically, I enjoy having a lot of FUN!

Every day is a fresh start, a beautiful new beginning to enjoy the planet we live on and the people we're surrounded by! What a precious gift!

My dear friend, it is no mistake that you are here! You are more than your circumstances. Your past (the things you've done or things that were done to you) was never meant to define you. 

You are defined by how you rise from your past.

Believe it or not, even in bad times, there is always good to be found. Good may not be visible right away but it seems to appear in the moments we would never have recognized before.


The truth is that "Life happens for us, not to us", and it is a powerful thing when we internalize this truth!


This blog is where we will have real conversations with a genuine perspective that will, hopefully, help you to find YOUR own "beautiful reality".

I feel deeply honored that you are taking the time to be here at this moment.


I'm excited to be connected with you and I look forward to the future together!

Love and hugs always,



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