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No More Being Frazzled

Wow, a #newyear already?

Yup. We've all said it...every year flies by quicker than the one before. It certainly feels that way the busier we become. Whether this year has crept up on you or has started out good or bad, my hope is that this post will #encourage you and shine a little more sunshine on your #days!

Every New Year's Eve we look for a fresh #start. We become hyper-focused on the things we want to change, making big plans and hoping that we actually "stick to" a #resolution this time.

I haven't made elaborate resolutions this year nor have I allowed the guilt from last year's unfinished goals to leave me feeling frazzled. Guilt is associated with fear and when fear and guilt are dominating your thoughts, you are not living your #best life. You're actually tormenting yourself. This year I've decided to be diligent yet relaxed.

I've decided to keep moving forward with my previous ambitions, create realistic, small, achievable goals along the way and enjoy my life.

No More Limited Thinking

You have probably heard the saying, "Slow and steady". In previous years I've tried to reach goals fast and furious, #stressing myself out and beating myself up. Eventually, I would fizzle out before I even got started well. While I set high expectations on myself, I screwed it up by comparing my life with success in the lives of others. I sunk into my old familiar cycle of over-thinking and over-valuing the opinions of those around me, while under-valuing who I am and what I am truly capable of. I got #discouraged when I couldn't measure up to where I thought I should be in life and then being disappointed in myself for not committing and showing up, I quit whatever I was reaching for.

Just being a little vulnerable here. I lost the #passion for whatever I was doing. Shame and guilt took over and I was done. Almost every #goal I would set in my life great or small felt like an enormous mountain to me and it has simply been because of where my focus was and my limited thinking.

I had to wake up and realize that I have limited my own life by my thoughts.

Thankfully we have the power to #change our minds, our limiting beliefs and chart a new course anytime we want! I am so grateful for the path of personal growth and development my husband and I have been on for the last three years. I continue to learn and grow every day and #this year, I have taken a deep breath with a focused intention on my future and will continue to move steadily forward, hopefully, without stressing out.

My most important goal in everything I do is to feel at peace. No matter what I am trying to achieve, big or small, I have ONE resolution or one word that stands above all else in the depths of my soul, it is #peace.

Peace is my resolution.

I am #creating and cultivating NEW beliefs that resonate with peace, love, and joy. Last year, 2019, was a tough year for us personally. Without going into detail we learned a lot about ourselves as a #family, how much we have #grown, and where we need more growth and improvement. Going through something that you don't quite understand can take a toll on you mentally and emotionally, but you learn things along the way that you wouldn't have otherwise. You learn where your weaknesses have misguided your mind and how your strengths can now help you become better than before.

I am extremely #grateful for the difficult times in my life because everything is an opportunity to grow.

As you may know, growth takes effort. It takes effort to rise above habitual ways of being and the truth is, you won't always get it right. However, focusing on what is ahead of you, and not behind, will eventually lead you to a beautiful destination!

This year, I am continuing on the journey to replace the #lies in my head that have tried to define me for too long. The lies of unworthiness are being replaced with, "I am #worthy and I am enough", as well as, "I am abundant in all #good things because I am worthy of #abundance".

These are just a few affirmations I tell myself, but they are powerful nonetheless and they make their impact.

I think the most powerful part of stating an affirmation is the fact that you have to surrender your ego in order to hold the belief of what you're desiring. You can't hold onto your past and the things that hurt you, while trying to create a better future. Surrendering your ego is the only way to progress, move forward and heal. You have to let it go.

I am deepening my surrender to love and healing.

What about you? Have you thought about #changing your perspective when looking at your life to see if there is something you can learn from the situations you have been facing, and what new beliefs can you adopt that will give you a deep and satisfying #peace?

Abundance Is Obvious

For instance, one of the biggest things people complain about is finances and debt. Is #debt overshadowing your life or the life of someone you know? I know and understand this very well. The feeling of debt and #financial lack can be crushing! Instead of affirming to yourself and others about your debt and how awful it feels, try #shifting how you think.

Even if you don't believe it, you can say something like, "The abundance of all good things is my birthright and I am #grateful to have a continuously overflowing abundance of finances every day." Logically, this sounds like a lie and kind of "woo woo". You may even be thinking, "but this mountain of debt is so obvious, how can I see abundance when all I see is my lack"?

Guess what...abundance is just as obvious!

You simply have to open your heart and shift your perspective!

Abundance is all around us! Look at the abundance of the trees outside, the grass, the sand (dirt), the sky, etc. Even if you live in a desert where there is sand for miles and miles, abundance is there too! You can find abundance if you're really looking for it! When you see a forest full of pine trees, can you count the needles on all those pine trees? How about the beautiful leaves on all the other trees?

Let's take it a step further...

Are you able to count the grains of sand on the shore of a beach?

Try to count the grains of sand on the #ocean floor? How about taking a look above you at #night and count all of the #stars, without losing your place!

When you begin to #change your perspective you realize that this entire #world was made for your benefit and everything good can be and is abundantly yours. I say it again, the abundance of all good things is yours!

Everything you #need is already within your reach simply waiting for you to notice it and take part in it! It's like having a beautiful table set before you with every kind of delightful and delicious food you can imagine. You can take as much as you want and it will never run out!

The entire universe was made to support you in whatever you believe your life to be.

However, it takes work on your part to change the way you see the world and your life! It's not going to come easily and your mind, being adapted to a negative way of thinking, will fight you. Remember, anything worth having takes effort.

Know this...

"As a man (woman) thinketh in his (her) heart so is he (she)." Prov.23:7

Whether you believe it or not, this is a powerful truth to #remember when you're thinking negatively about yourself, your life and your situations. Also, whatever you give out, you will reap it back in one form or another, good or bad. Even your thoughts!!!

As long as you continue to #focus on what you don't have, you will continue to bring lack into your life. If lack is your mindset then, "as you think in your heart" that is exactly what your life will be. The opposite is also true of abundance. It sounds backward, but you have to believe abundance before you actually see it in your life.

Your belief about you and your life is powerful! So, make sure you're believing the very best!!!

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As always, I'm sending you lots of love and hugs from my heart to yours!



P.s. Read this affirmation, say it and believe it until it becomes your truth and your reality!

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